My iPhone says No Service. Here's The Real Fix!

When your iPhone says No service, you can make or receive calls or send messages and can't connect with wifi. In this article, you will get the idea of why your phone service is not working and how to fix it? Why does my Phone say No service - There is no exactly one solution to this problem you can troubleshoot step by step to solve the problem. so, let's stop your phone from saying no iPhone service.

Check your coverage area by turning the cellular data on. Go to setting and tap on cellular and mobile data. iPhone repairs the case of traveling abroad make sure that the device is set for Data roaming. For this purpose Go to settings > cellular > cellular Data option > Data roaming Restart your iPhone to check for a carrier setting update. Tap on Settings - General - About. If there is an update available, you need to update your carrier setting. To check the version of setting tap setting > General > about and look next to carrier. By inserting new SIM card Download carrier settings for a new carrier.

Reset your iPhone Network settings by going to settings > General > reset > reset your network setting. You should also reset your wifi password setting. Most of the times any issue with your carrier account affect your service. You need to contact your carrier to verify that your account is active and having a good condition. Make sure there are no outages in your area and your device is not blocked from receiving the cellular service and for setting up the right plan.

If you are not having any issue in your carrier and after doing all tip's you still can't connect to the cellular network visit iPhone repair to find out the actual fault.